App Carriers

What in the world is an App Carrier?

Think of your mobile carriers like AT&T & Verizon. They supply cellular connectivity services to their phone customers. Similarly, our App carriers provide you with content marketing services for your branded app. Without them, your app is just an empty shell without any content - and who wants that?!

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In order to acquire your own branded app with us, you need to work with an App carrier (AKA an approved marketing agency). Our carriers are carefully vetted to ensure they’re supplying you with the highest quality in social media marketing content for your business.

Once your App carrier has completed their scheduled content batch, they send over the content data to our developers, who in turn, make it accessible to you.

Depending on your subscription plan, your App carrier may also schedule and publish content on your behalf. Talk about major time savings!

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Our Trusted App Carriers

Each carrier offers a unique value proposition based on your business needs. Find out which App carrier is right for you.

Golden Medina Services

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Offers service nationwide

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Great choice for larger scale corporate accounts

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Ideal for premium brands

Royilda & Co

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Offers service regionally (West Coast)

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Great choice for smaller, more agile teams of 50 or less

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Ideal for luxury brands 

Want to apply as an App carrier for the Real Estate Social Media® App? 
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